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First Impressions by a Visiting Tourist

With beautiful beaches, dramatic violcanic landscapes and little white-washed villages, Lanzarote is one of the most picturesque islands I have visited. I believe that these photos will amply support that opinion

The Volcanic Landscape of Timanfayo National Park

Arguably the most hostile environment in appearance that I have ever seen - the Timanfaya National Park is an expansive range of volcanic cones, craters and lava flows - alien in character, and unforgettable. Unsurprisingly many sci-fi and fantasy movies have featured the park including 'One Million Years BC' (complete with Raquel Welch in a Stone Age fur bikini)

The Papagayo Beaches

Close to the south coast resort of Playa Blanca is a sequence of beaches which individually are all attractive, but taken together must rank as one of the most photogenic stretches of sandy beach in the whole of Europe. Set against a backdrop of low mountains and rocky sea cliffs, the Papagayo beaches are in my opinion a must-see attraction on the Island of Lanzarote

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