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The Mount Teide National Park

One of the most dramatic and prettiest national parks in the world as well as one of the most visited. Home to the world's third tallest volcano and Spain's highest mountain, this page looks at the turbulent history and the sights to be seen in Tenerife's most important must-see attraction

The Santa Cruz Palmetum

A Palmetum is a botanical garden which specialises in palm trees. The Santa Cruz Palmetum is an attractive addition to Tenerife's capital city featuring walkways, rock gardens and lakes. But what makes it special is that just 30 years ago, the hill it stands on was nothing more than a stinking man-made rubbish tip

Experiencing the Santa Cruz Carnival

No public event is as colourful, carefree and photogenic as a carnival, and nobody does a carnival better than the Latin countries of South America or Southern Europe. These are my thoughts on a day spent at the 2014 Tenerife Carnival, accompanied by several of my photos

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